Jesus offers you an invitation, not a ticket


It’s an invitation to go with Him to His father’s house. He will walk with you on the journey to His Father’s house. He will lead the way, all the way there and you are to follow Him. Keeping in step with Him, keeping close to Him on the path.

The invitation is costly, and in and of ourselves we are not worthy to be invited and then escorted to such a magnificent occasion. It’s an invitation to the eternal party in heaven, perfection and glory, peace and wholeness – an incredible banquet for the soul. Seated at the table, a place reserved just for you.

In ourselves we would never be honourable enough to sit at the King of Kings table and be included in such a gathering. But the Father wants us to come, and Jesus has extended the invitation. We just need to follow Him there. Jesus prepares us for what is to come, as we journey along, following Him to the party in the sky.

When other people ask us ‘Where are you going?’ and ‘What have you been up to?’ We can tell them, ‘I’ve accepted Jesus’ invitation and I’m following Him until we reach heaven. You are invited too.’

Jesus has purchased an invitation, a place at the banquet table, for everyone. We have the choice, weather to accept it and begin the journey with Jesus to be there.

Some people misunderstand, they think Jesus offers a ticket to heaven. They think that if you have the ticket you will get in. They don’t know it’s an invitation that they must accept, RSVP and begin the journey with Jesus, as leader and travelling companion.

Some think they have the Jesus ticket, but keep travelling their own road without walking beside Jesus, not letting Him lead the way. Some reject the invitation altogether, not believing there is a father in heaven who requests the pleasure of their company.

And some are yet to hear the good news, that the invitation has been extended to them.
Jesus offers you an invitation, not a ticket.

Have you received it? Have you accepted it? Are you following Him all the way there?

Keep your hand in His,


In faith, hope and love
Steve and Cass Abram




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