A Letter from Pastor Dave Manning

Hi everyone,

It’s hard to believe that we are about to enter into the third month of the year. For many of us the start of 2019 has been a great start and a year to be looking forward to with all the Lord has planned. For others (myself included) it has been challenging and a struggle for different reasons. Whatever happens in this year we have this confidence — that God knows what He is doing and there is a purpose in everything.

Nat and I decided late January that we will both take all of our annual leave to clear our heads and be refreshed. We will spend nearly four weeks in Adelaide and be with our families who as you may be aware are going through their own struggles.
We will be leaving on 23 February – 23 March.

Already we appreciate everyone’s prayers for us and have been strengthened by them. No doubt your prayers won’t stop while we are away, and we are so blessed to have a church that cares for us so much.

In our absence the eldership will be taking care of things, particularly looking after our preaching roster through March. We have been discussing over the last few months about prayer and our need for our leadership in prayer. When I return, we will be announcing some exciting changes regarding the prayer ministry in our church.
Pastor Ray and Pastor Phil will also be available for pastoral care and any other matters. Our Life Groups have started again for 2019 and these groups are purposed for teaching, but also for pastoral care.

On 3 March we have invited Pastor Ken Evans to preach in our Sunday morning service. If you don’t know Ken, he was one of the pastors in our church during the 70’s & 80’s. He is currently living in Perth, still active in ministry and loves our church.

When I return, we have some exciting things coming up in April with the month starting with “I Love My Church”. This is an appreciation weekend and an opportunity to encourage our church to get involved. We have Easter with a sermon series “Famous Last Words”. In Belmont we are having a Good Friday Service and Easter Sunday service.
The sermon series “Different” has been enjoyable to prepare but also challenging as I am reminded of who we are meant to be as followers of Jesus. We are all a work in progress when it comes to our faith and mustn’t give up when things do become difficult.

It is a pleasure to be called Christian, and our difference because of Christ in us, is the light we have that shines in this dark world. Try not to blend in—but stand out so we can show our community and world why they need Jesus.

Be encouraged, because I believe there are some great days ahead for you and our church.

Dave & Nat

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