REMEMBER – Gal 6:10

March 2020

Especially The Family Of Faith
Please pray that God will keep His persecuted ones strong in faith and hope,
and that the Holy Spirit will be their comforter.

By Sylvia Blacksell

Recently I read and I quote: “Christians are a huge family – spread to the four corners of the earth. It is the biggest family the world has ever known” (Quote Barnabas Aid July/August 2019).

When I stopped to think about it I realised more and more what a privilege and honour we all have to belong to the family of God all connected and joined together from every nation and culture and language through our Lord Jesus Christ.

I remember as a child growing up and as a young person in our big family of seven we were given responsibilities and things we had to do and especially to and for each other.

We were taught to help and support and love each other.

And to “look out for each other”, and we did (not always perfectly or lovingly though).

When I became a Christian and became part of a much bigger family, I found that according to the Bible that responsibilities also applied. E.g. “Love one another” and much, much more, for instance.

Galatians 6:10 says “As we have therefore opportunity let us do good unto all mem especially unto them who are of the household (Family of God) of faith”.

I believe our church has always been very generous and active in this area regarding missions, mission trips and gifts. However, a big part of our larger family is suffering at the hands of evil people causing severe physical, emotional and mental problems. They are lonely, destitute and hungry in some of the world most hostile regions.

“We may never meet them in this earthly life, but they are still our brothers and sisters.” How can we love, support, and “look out for them”? (Quote: Barnabas.)

Thank you church for praying for our precious brothers and sisters as the Bible tell us to “as we have opportunity”.

“To do good to all mem especially to them who are of the family of faith”.

Prayer is good and pleasing to God when we pray for one another, especially the poor and the needy.

Prayer changes things doesn’t it? And it is so desperately needed.

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