Remember: “A Willing Surrender, A Willing Sacrifice” April 2020

By Sylvia Blacksell

Easter, it means different things to different people. We see in the shops and the catalogues what the world calls Easter. Easter bunny gets a high priority, but we know no bunny can replace our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

There are scoffers and mockers and those who are willingly ignorant of the fact that Someone called Jesus Christ died for them, and really did rise from the grave alive.

They wouldn’t know that He went to Gethsemane and made a “willing surrender” to His Father God. “Not my will Jesus prayed, but you will be done.” Mat 26:39 And that He was taken to a place called Calvary and nailed to a cross where He gave His life a “Willing Sacrifice” for their sins and for all mankind.

But to the believer the Easter message is his death and resurrection, it is the very heart and core of our faith worship and adoration of our Lord Jesus Christ.

What does Easter mean to the persecuted church? Let’s pray that it will bring hope and joy, and the assurance of God’s love, and the enemies’ plan against them will fail.

In some countries where Christians are despised, planned attacks have been increased at Easter time inflicting much damage and severe pain and loss. Our brothers and sisters face these things because they too have surrendered their will to God and many have and do face the command “Deny Jesus or Die”, and thousands of them have given their lives and “willing sacrifice” for the love of their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, for they loved not their lives unto death.

Women and girls are most vulnerable

Please pray that God would protect women and girls from those who would do them harm because of their faith and gender. Please pray that the enemies’ plans against the church will fail, particularly at Easter time and comfort all children who have been traumatised and provide for their needs. “Quote Barnabas Aid”.

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