Remember: “I will never leave you (Heb 13:5-6)” May 2020

By Sylvia Blacksell

I often wonder how many millions of Christians over the many years have found comfort and assurance from these same words of Jesus when passing through a crisis and difficult times in their lives and even now as a global crisis sweeps across the whole world?

The resurrected Jesus spoke these words of comfort to His disciples just before He ascended to heaven to be with His father. He alone knew what His disciples would face for His Name’s sake as they fulfilled His commission to go into all the world to teach and preach the gospel.

He knew they would face persecution, fierce opposition and even death as He Himself had.

And again, He spoke words of comfort. Matt 28:20 “…lo, I am with you always even unto the end of the world.”

In some poorer countries Jesus’ churches are experiencing great hardship being forced out from their homes by extremists despised, rejected and destitute fleeing for their lives unable to take anything with them for their needs and comfort.

Seeking places of refuge and in constant danger and hunger they look to God to sustain and lead them to safety and shelter; He is their living Hope.

They know He only is their help, putting their faith and trust in their Heavenly Father and Jesus words and promises (Heb 13:5-6) “I will never leave you nor forsake you”.

To Jesus His persecuted ones are much loved; they are His.

In love please pray:

  • for Jesus’ persecuted loved ones our brothers and sisters that He will enable them to stand steadfast in faith under severe hardship and pressure.
    • that “the joy of the Lord would be their strength”.
    • for God’s grace, provision and safety for them, and that they will be aware of His loving Presence and Peace surrounding them knowing that “He will never leave nor forsake them” and that “He is with them always even into the end of the world”.

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