Remember: “My Peace I Give Unto You (John 14:21)” June 2020

By Sylvia Blacksell

Suddenly and without warning we were confined to our homes by our government because of something we had no control over. Some people found it very hard to comply and felt that they were “in prison”. Others were confused and frightened.

But for the Christians there is the promise of peace from Jesus Himself.

In John 14:27. Jesus says, “My peace I give into you, not as the world gives, do I give to you Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid.”

We are asked to obey instructions by our government because of the coronavirus, for our good, but the better instructions are the Word of God for our peace. We are blessed in this country to be able to access help in crisis times and for this we are grateful to our God and for the prayers of His churches and for giving us this peace.

Then suddenly and without warning in some other countries’ terrorists’ attacks have been escalating in violence and imprisonments, particularly against Christians. As Barnabas quoted “Males have been taken by extremists to serve them in their armies and females also taken to serve their enemies.

Coronavirus has also afflicted some, making it more distressing imprisonment doesn’t just or only mean being held in a structure of some sort, it can also mean being held against your will and “forced” to serve others, e.g. those who hate you because you serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

These are God’s family, the same family we belong to. Jesus has given His life for them and many have given their lives for Him.

What is our response to all this concerning our persecuted and suffering brothers and sisters?­

Heb 13:3: “Remember those that are in prison as bound with them and those who suffer adversity as being yourselves in the body.”

Please pray for comfort and protection as they endure adversity. Their needs are many and deep, may they know the peace that only Jesus gives.

Please ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in your prayer for them.    

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